US Open is ‘ON’ however many Junior Championship Cancelled: USTA

US Open - FirstSportz

The United States Tennis Association has decided to tatter off Championships in certain age groups for singles as well as doubles. However, the US Open will be initiated from the 31st of August. Tournaments that are canceled are – Boys’ 18s in Orlando and Girls’ 18s in San Diego in singles; Boys’ 16s in Rome, Georgia, and Girls’ 16s in Mobile, Alabama, in singles; and boys’ and girls’ 12s through 18s doubles in Orlando. Men’s and Women’s USTA National Grass Court Championships in Newport, Rhode Island are also among the tournaments which are annulled.

As the situation gets even worse day by day in the Flushing Meadows, more of famous players are showing their disinterest because of 2 major reasons. First of which are the rising COVID cases in the country and the other being the restrictions being imposed.

The USTA said, “there was an inherent risk associated with hosting large numbers of individuals at one site, at one time, and would make risk mitigation difficult.” The action on the tennis court has been suspended since the month of March and seems to return with tournaments in the States as well as Clay tournaments in Madrid and Rome.

However, World No. 2 has even given his confirmation to play in the Garros tournaments.

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