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US Open reveals COVID-19 safety measures and precautions

US Open reveals COVID-19 safety measures and precautions 2

After the cancellation of 2020 Wimbledon, the good news is that the US Open is going to forward with some new regulations. Here are the regulations for the US Open and the Cincinnati Masters that is getting on to be played before it.

The most important was to talk about the dates of the events. The Cincinnati Masters will be held from August 22nd to 28th and the US Open will take place from August 31st to September 13th. There will be a qualifying draw for the Master’s tournament but there will be none for the Grand Slam.

The next regulation was considering the guests travelling with the player, so the body decides that each player is provided 2 hotel rooms and each room can have a maximum of 2 people. The first room will be paid by the USTA while the second will have to be paid by the player.

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Another regulation topic was handled by the USTA was travel, and they have attained confirmations from the Federal government that players will have no issues immigrating the country. In the unlikely event that the tournaments are cancelled, all players will attain a travel stipend.

The COVID-19 protocols was the most important thing that discussed and that is players will be tested before travelling and all throughout the tournament. As of now, the regularity of testing is going to be 1-2 times per week and also there will be a daily temperature check with a symptom questionnaire.

In addition to all this, social distancing will be attended in every single place like locker rooms, fitness centres, etc. Also, every player at US Open will have to wear a mask unless they are training or competing.

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These are some strict guidelines are implicated that no tennis player wants but these guidelines are mandatory to play the tournaments. Hopefully, the 2020 Cincinnati Masters and the 2020 US Open will be an astounding victory despite the coronavirus pandemic.