USATF Announced New Dates For Olympic Team Trials


Due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, many Sporting events have been either postponed or cancelled including The Olympic Games which is further pushed back to the next year 2021. Accordingly, USA Track and Field(USATF) has announced the new dates for the 2020 US Olympic team trials for the track and field event.

The trials will be take place from June 18 to June 27, 2021 in Eugene and Oregon.

“The competition schedule will remain much the same. While there is a possibility that some of the timings of the competition windows may shift, the events taking place on each day will not change,” the USATF said in an official statement.

Currently, all the top tournaments like Indian Premier League, Premier League, La Liga and have been postponed and there is no certainty that when will be all these competitions will return. Also, Wimbledon 2020 has been cancelled for the first time since World War ll.


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