Valorant Ban: CSGO Pro S1mple banned from Valorant

S1mple is a very popular CS:GO player who is currently levelling up in Valorant. However the news that, S1mple is banned from Valorant hit the news just as the player reached Immortal rank.

S1mple banned from Valorant
S1mple banned from Valorant after ranking up till Immortal

CSGO Pro S1mple is a well-known name in the Counter Stike: Go community. Recently, the news that S1mple banned from Valorant has poised a lot of questions.

His real name is Oleksandr Kostyliev and is a renowned Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. He is known for his AWP gameplay and his kingly stats in the game.

S1mple banned from Valorant

Valorant is a free-to play first person shooter developed by Riot Games. It has enjoyed massive success since its release and is a top-tier FPS shooter to play. The game play is enhanced by its mixture of Overwatch and CS:GO type of gameplay.

Recently, S1mple had been playing a lot of Valorant, but unfortunately he was banned. We take a look at the Valorant ban and the news on social media of S1mple banned from Valorant.

S1mple banned from Valorant

S1mple banned from Valorant
S1mple banned from Valorant

The 23-year old gamer has been playing a lot of Valorant and has managed to reach Immortal tier in the game. However, after hitting this rank, he was banned from Valorant. Likewise, he can’t queue for ranked games anymore.

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He posted this ordeal on Twitter and tagged Riot Games Support team to confirm that he is not cheating.

The bans may have something to do with his insanely fast rank up. However, the official reason is still a mystery. But, the response from Riot was swift.

Riley Yuki, a developer from Valorant, replied to the tweet and asked for his account details. Fans, speculate that this ban may be caused by excessive amounts of reports from players in ranked games.

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The report system has been improved by Riot Games and gives out harsher punishments for malicious players. However, this doesn’t apply to S1mple and it will be interesting to see where this leads to.

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