Valorant: Competitive Changes in ACT III

Valorant Brings notable Competitive changes in upcoming ACT 3 Episode 2 and beyond, effective from October 13th, 2020.


VALORANT’s ACT III all set to begin on October 13th, 2020. Game Director Joe Ziegler and Systems Design Lead David Cole have planned for new competitive changes in the upcoming ACT III.

Valorant sets to take a step back and simplify the goals of ranked system simpler.

This will be experienced over the course of ACT III, into next year in Episode 2, and beyond.

I will be giving a brief summary of Planned changes in VALORANT.

Rank Queue gets tighter:

To help with better matchmaking experience, Rank tiers will be limited and you can be queued with from 6 tiers to 3 tiers. Playing with friends outside of your rank circle is also important. Valorant is working out on these places more.

The server of Your Preference:

Indian players were matched to SEA servers as there are no Indian server, therefore the problem has been solved

Now Valorant has announced Mumbai Servers soon for Indian Players. We can choose our own Servers to play.

Yet the matchmaking cannot always be guaranteed to the selected server due to some reasons. But will increase the chances of matchmaking to your selected server.

IMMORTAL-PLUS Ranks Depend on Win or Loss completely:

For players at the rank near to the peak or having Immortal-plus ranks, whether or not to move up to VALORANT rank will be decided by your win or loss depending on the final score of a competitive match.

ACT III Episode 2 and Beyond:

Valorant looking to apply win or loss measurement to all ranks, depending on 100% win or loss and the decisiveness of final score. After experimenting to players having Immortals-Plus ranks and higher.

More surprises and projects are on the way you will have to wait until Episode 2.

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