Valorant news: No nerfs to the operator, Raze nerfs, Breach buffs and more updates


Latest Valorant news is that, VALORANT’s Lead Character Designer, Ryan “Morello” Scott, discussed on his Twitch stream over various topics with his spectators .

Operator nerf?

Majorly, the VALORANT team has decided they will be not nerfing the Operator. Morello thinks that the main reason why this sniper rifle gets so much value with body shots is due to the more usage of sentinel agents .

One of the reasons why this weapon was made so powerful is to counter sentinel based team comps – “If you run double control agents, it will be way easier for you to deal with the Operator” – said Morello.

In his viewpoint, players don’t want to play sentinel characters often, because they don’t feel that using utilities like Phoenix’s or Breach’s flash and Reyna’s blind impacts Operator users that much.

He also said that flashes from various agents might get buffed for that very reason, the operator might not get nerfed in the very future.

Raze nerf?

Raze main wont like this part and read it with a pinch of salt. In the recent patch 1.04, Raze’s ultimate was increased from 6 to 7 points, but it doesn’t feel like she was affected by this change a lot.

“We just want to get the damage nerf, so she will be receiving a few more nerfs” – confirms Morello.

Breach buff?

Breach mains will love this this news.”He is the next agent who will most likely get buffed soon. The VALORANT team is aware that he has a very low pick rate and they want to see how he will perform in upcoming tournaments to decide on what to do next with him. It is still subject to change, but he definitely needs to get some buffs on his utilities.”- said Morello.

News on reyna and viper:

He also talks about Reyna’s spot in the meta. She has a higher win ratio in lower ranks, but a lower win ratio in high ranks and she stays within the bounds of “the tac cycle”.

Morello was really surprised when one of the viewers asked him, if he thinks that Viper is too strong after recent changes – “Overbuffed Viper? That is the first time I’ve ever heard that!“ – laughs Morello.

He doesn’t think that her buff was too strong and in fact, they want to do more with Viper, but very carefully, since she is the agent that has received the biggest buff in the game’s history so far.

Lastlywhat players can expect in the coming months?

The current Episode 1: Ignition is ending soon and as we know, every episode will last 2 months. On every Episode’s release, there will be a new agent.

The newest agent – Killjoy – got leaked lately so it seems like Riot Games adheres to its schedule .

Each Act will contain 3 Episodes and at the beginning of every Act, there will be a new map.

So every 6 months a new map will be released.

The next map might release in and around November if we take facts in to matter.


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