Valorant Night Market returns with an overall improved variety and responding to callouts of limitations from last season. Let’s find out how to get the most out of it. Valorant has developed a persistent development throughout the episodes which consist of multiple acts, each offering something new or fixing previous glitches. Being a fan-based developing game, RIOT addresses specific needs of the gamer community and adds details specific to their needs. Every episode sees the introduction of new content and this time it’s the re-launch of Night Market.

As most PC gamers are familiar with, Valorant had introduced Night Market in the last season around December along with a new gameplay mode, Snowball Fight, both of which have been a new sensation amongst gamers ever since. Night Market is a major randomly recurring event that offers its audience a bulk discount on a set of six arbitrary guns or knives from different bundles. The Valorant Night Market button can be easily spotted due to its sparkly blinking at the top right corner of the game’s launching screen.

Valorant improves with Night Market Return:

Valorant's Night Market Has Returned with Discounted Cosmetics | AFK Gaming
Diverse skin offered by Valorant Night Market Return

A message from the team confirms: “Night. Market is back. Here’s your chance!

“You never know what will be on offer at Night. Market and weapon vendors rarely offer the same prices twice. Visit the in-game store tab to see your offers now.”

After the first confirmation on re-launching the third version of Valorant Night Market on its official Twitter handle, the Valorant Support team has successfully brought back the adequately revamped edition of Night Market in Valorant after this innovative idea had somehow fallen short after its last season launch. The new edition brings players an astounding offer of at least two premium editions of a skin bundle, that is valued generally at 1775 VP(Valorant Points) if you don’t already own all of them, and let’s face it, no, we don’t!

Furthermore, Riot Games has addressed the problem from last season, and this season’s Night market will be totally unique with its gun range, i.e., one person would not receive more than two variations of the same gun. And what’s more, if following the above rules gets you less than 6 variations , Valorant’s Night Market return will provide you with your unique set of 6 skin variations from what’s available to you.

Versatile Gun and melee skins

Apart from showcasing gun and melee skins from some of the most astounding bundles like Sovereign, Prime, Reaver, Aristocrat and many more, the Valorant night market return has offered quite generous discounts on even premium edition guns and melees. Reaver Operator prices were confirmed to be seen as low as 1150 points.

Night Market Return Overview

Here are some of the guns and melee skins we found in the Night Market in their best prices :

Skin BundleDiscounted Price
1. Prism Knife 1555 VP
2. Sovereign Guardian 1118 VP
3. Reaver Operator 1153 VP
4. Oni Phantom 1349 VP

The Night Market is a great way not only to bag guns from Select, Deluxe, and Premium editions but also aesthetically pleasing skins at a very decent value, from the very recent Prime 2.0 bundle, that recreates Prime animations to GlitchPop 2.0 bundle that fuses bright pastels and even recent anime-inspired guns featuring Jett, Reyna, Killjoy, Sage, and Cypher.

While the current Night Market flaunts some of best gun and melee skins, RIOT has not made any changes about the uniqueness of a random market to each user. There were a lot of speculations about the refresh button that many gamers had been pleading for in the return of Valorant night market to test their luck more than once. Also, the night market is only available to users for a whooping 32 days of time, so test your luck now! And if you are the lucky one, don’t forget to grab your gun before time runs out.

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