Valorant Teases new Oni 2.0 Skin Bundle: When is it likely to hit the stores?

Oni 2.0 will be available sooner than expected

Valorant Teases new Oni 2.0 Skin Bundle: When is it likely to hit the stores?

A few weeks ago, ValorLeaks, a reliable insider, revealed that the Oni 2.0 skin bundle is under development. Oni skin line is one of the best-received Valorant skin lines. Even though the Oni skin bundle was released in July 2021, the Oni Phantom skin is a staple in almost every match. These skins beautifully depict the Japanese folklore demon Oni.

Players are very excited by this news given that the Oni skin line is very popular. Oni will join Reaver, Ion, RGX, Magepunk, Prime, Glitchpop, and Valorant Go to have a 2.0 skin bundle. Over the years, Valorant devs have managed to release over-the-top weapon skin bundles. Oni 2.0 skin is expected to join the list of great skins in Valorant.


Here’s everything you need to know about the new upcoming Oni 2.0 Skin bundle in Valorant.

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Players will soon see Oni 2.0 skin bundle in their Valorant Store

Players will soon see Oni 2.0 skin bundle in the Valorant Store
Oni Skin bundle finisher (image via Riot Games)

Valorant’s Official Twitter handle tweeted an image with the caption “再来” which translates to “Again” in English. The image features 4 Katana and an Oni mask lying in a forest with Sakura (cherry blossom) trees. So it is pretty evident that Oni 2.0 bundle feature Katana as melee.


the Alt text of the image says

A hilltop under a sakura tree holds a collection of four sheathed swords arranged around a japanese style mask, backlit by the sun. There are tendrils of green smoke emanating from the mask’s eyes and wrapping around one of the swords. The scene is presented in a classic, painted style with heavy visible strokes.

Mike better known as ValorLeaks revealed that this bundle will feature Vandal skin in addition to the Katana Skin. On Top of that, Oni 2.0 Katana will be different than the RGX blade in the game.

ValorLeaks also revealed that the bundle will contain the original 4 variants rather than getting new variants. It will be a bummer for all those players who are eagerly waiting for a pink variant for weapon skins. But in general, it is great news that this bundle will be coming sooner than expected. Although the exact date is unknown yet, however, players can expect the bundle to drop in early or mid of March.


Many are speculating that the skin bundle will contain skin for the Operator, Ghost, spectre, or Odin. players will also be able to purchase other in-game Oni 2.0 things besides weapons, such as a player card, a gun buddy, and a spray.As for the price goes, it can cost 7,100 VPs, the same as the original bundle.

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