$40,000 Unpaid To The Staff Members Of THESPIKE.GG

THESPIKE.GG the famous valorant news site has been alleged of not paying their staff members their salary. One of their employees raise this issue on twitter alleging CEO of THESPIKE.GG to owe $40,000 to their staff members.


CEO of popular Valorant coverage website THESPIKE.gg Arur “m1nac” Minacov is under fire after various staff members have raised allegations against him of owing more than $40,000 of paychecks to current and former contractors for months of unpaid work.

In a recent statement made by Mostafa Hossam on Twitter, he has alleged that he hasn’t received any payment for several months of work he has done for the site. Here we will discuss whats the matter and who are raising their voices for their respective paychecks.

THESPIKE.GG Staff Members Raising Their Voices Against The Alleged CEO

Valorant Tournament By THESPIKE.GG

Recently on Twitter Mostafa Hossam has said, “In my own case, I had 4 months of pay overdue that I chased for over 30 days in February 2021 just to receive half of it,” Hossain said in a Twitlonger. “Fast forward to now, after the half was paid, I have 7 months of unpaid work due to be paid.”

He further alleged that the CEO owes over $40,000 in unpaid work to current and former contractors. “At the moment of writing, there is easily more than $40K overdue payments to current and former employees.”

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“Whenever we asked for payment, we used to get a lot of pep talk; soldiers, brothers, and all that nice talk. Then followed by promises of other projects succeeding to eventually fund THESPIKE. Anything and everything you can imagine.” Another writer in THESPIKE, Shawn “Germanicus” Heerema claimed that Minacov owes him around $2,500 CAD in unpaid work.

“Problems didn’t arise for myself until February of this year, I know others had issues come up earlier. Since then, I’ve been without pay,” Heerema said. “I’m owed around 2500 CAD” He further claimed that only one employee, whose name he has kept private, makes up for over half of the unpaid $40,000.

Both Hossain and Heerema have confirmed that the staff has issued an ultimatum that they would not be doing any further coverage for Masters Reykjavik until the payments are cleared. Although the tweets made by Hossain have been removed by now but this problem looks like will go a long way for THESPIKE.GG’s CEO.

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