“Very surprised with Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem’s silence, Djokovic at least shows intentions,” Pella left frustrated by top player’s silence in Adelaide

Guido Pella is among the 72 players undergoing hard quarantine in Melbourne.

Dominic Thiem, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal

Guido Pella, ranked 44th in the world is one of the 72 players who have to undergo hard quarantine after a member on their chartered flight to Australia tested positive for covid-19. In a recent chat, the Argentinian was surprised and left frustrated over the silence of Dominic Thiem and Rafael Nadal who are quarantining in Adelaide. As part of an exhibition event, the top three male and female players alongside Serena Williams are quarantining in an exclusive Adelaide Bubble.

However, Pella acknowledged the fact that Novak Djokovic did show some concern for the players after he sent a list to Craig Tiley for better facilities for players quarantining in Melbourne. The Argentine also hit out at the special treatment provided to players in the Adelaide bubble.

I am very surprised with Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem’s silence. They are in Adelaide, and us in Melbourne… Djokovic, at least, shows intentions,” he said. “Here the one who sets up the tournament were very clear: they are interested in three players, those who are doing the special quarantine in Adelaide…Why did you bring us here to the tournament? I would have done an exhibition with [only] them and voila,” he added.

I play for money: Guido Pella

Guido Pella
Guido Pella

Guido Pella revealed that it was for his financial needs that he continues to play tennis despite the raging pandemic. Several players especially the lower ranked ones have taken a huge financial hit in these challenging times. Pella accepted the fact that money motivates him to play and even gave the example of John Isner for the same.

Isner withdrew from the Australian Open 2021 due to the tough quarantine protocols and Pella stated that he would do the same if he had the American’s financial position. He said that with the financial position of Federer, he would have certainly not played in Melbourne this year.

While the pandemic lasts… at this point I prioritize economics. I play for money. It’s my job. If I had the economic position of Isner, that he decided to stay with his family–I don’t even talk about Federer’s–surely I would not have come to play here,” Pella added.

All the masks fell off… If we had not had this pandemic, and I retired from tennis, I would leave with a positive feeling. Not now. Now I know the people around better. For this reason, more than ever, I play only for myself,” the Argentine said.

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