Virus shaking the sports world: Players all over the world find it difficult coming back

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It has been more than half a year since the pandemic hit the world. The situation has gotten only worse for most parts of the world. With world economy suffering apparently the biggest global crisis of all times, sports world is also one of the severe victims of Covid.

When the news of Corona Virus being a pandemic came out, most of the countries opted for a lockdown which continued for months. Various major sports events such as Olympics, Premier League, LaLiga l, IPL and many more got postponed and canceled.

Now, when the world is trying to adapt to this new normal, things are not going down well for sports sector. Novak Djokovic, his wife, fellow players Gigor Dimitrov and NBA’s Nikola Jokic tested positive for Covid after a tennis tournament in Croatia and Serbia. Novak Djokovic owned up to his mistake accepting it was too soon to organise an event. He also apologized to all the players who had participated and tested positive. It was a charity event named “Adria Tour” that Novak was organizing with his brother in Serbia and Croatia.He also declared that he would remain in isolation for 14 days and retake the test after 5 days.
Players are finding it difficult to come back after the long foregone practice.

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Dr Rand McClain, the Chief Medical Officer who treats many professional athletes said “It is not possible to reduce the risk to zero, it always comes down to risk versus reward.”

Mental health of sports players is also one of the major concerns. With the cases increasing rapidly many players are opting not to play in near future. Authorities trying to open training camps and facilities have to shut down these again due to new cases popping up among players.

Vaccination seems to be the only hope for world sports to come back to its original form.

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