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Viswanathan Anand announces the launch of WestBridge Anand Chess Academy

Viswanathan Anand further stated that he will personally monitor the progress of all young chess stars in the academy.

Viswanathan Anand

Indian chess star Viswanathan Anand took to Twitter today to announce the launch of his own chess academy called the WestBridge Anand Academy. He further stated that he would monitor the progress of young chess players as persons and chess players. Anand further stated that the venture was done in association with Sandeep Singhal, the founder and managing director of WestBridge Capital.

This decision by Anand has led to a plethora of excitement among fans of the star as well as aspiring chess stars who wish to be tutored and mentored by the five-time world champion. There has also been appreciation from various circles for Anand’s decision to nurture young talents in the country.

‘I will personally monitor progress – Anand

Viswanathan Anand took to Twitter today to announce and share details about his new venture. He said in a Tweet, “I am very excited to announce the launch of WestBridge Anand Chess Academy (WACA). Very happy to partner with WestBridge Capital in realising a long dream of mine to nurture talent in India.

He then added another Tweet explaining the program. “This will be a fellowship program that will aim to take our most talented junior chess prodigies to the top ranks. Sandeep Singhal at WestBridge Capital and I share the common philosophy that excellence can result from the right grooming, opportunity and training,” he said before adding that he personally will monitor all young chess players’ progress.

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