Warzone to follow the steps of other battle royales


A lot of buzz was generated after the release of Season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone, earlier this month. With the game having advanced and more developed content including a new multiplayer map, and a deadly sniper rifle are the most significant additions. The COD zealots have a lot of expectation with an update.

Nothing much have changed apart from few underground unlocking bunkers, new data has released that there might be an addition of a feature in Warzone, which is likely to be available in other battle royales.

According to a tweet of Modern Warzone, “Based on the new info from tonight’s update of ModernWarfare, we can pretty much confirm the upcoming addition of a train in Warzone“, which only illustrates a potential loot filled train could come in, keeping the fanatics excited. However, there is no time period mentioned for an update as such.

Navigating trains are already a feature in battle games like Apex Legends. Nothing has been secured and concrete, for now, but experts suggest that the generation of navigation train is feasible.


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