Top 3 Waste landing spots in Free Fire Bermuda Map

Here are the worst and probably fast paced landing spots in Free Fire Bermuda Map.

Waste landing spots in Free fire

Waste landing spots in Free Fire: Free Fire is one of the popular Battle Royale games and recently a new OB27 update has been rolled out. The Bermuda map is the most popular and most played in Free Fire. Since many players play on this map, you should know about the good and bad about this so that you can maintain a proper game sense. Based on playing style, you may go easy on the map like loot first and ho around or you just take on any as you drop on the spot. The first is easy to do and the second is tough and hard to do.

This page shares the top 3 waste landing spots in Bermuda Free Fire.

Waste landing spots in Free fire

(Note: The article contains the author’s views and one may not find these as the title suggests. However, one can choose any spot as per playing style.)

Top 3 waste landing spots in Free Fire

1. Mill

Waste landing spots in Free fire
Top 3 Waste landing spots in Free Fire Bermuda Map 2

This place will be opposite the Factory. This map is great for medium range fights and most suitable for snipers. Users may not find good loot here and you are nearer to one of the deadliest areas in Free Fire – Factory. If any opponent team lands with you in this spot, you are going to eliminated soon unless you are very quick enough.

Even it is good to place for snipers, the place has very low-level loot and that too very low. Thus, the place is weak. The sheds are the most spawned place.

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2. Pochinok

South of the map is Pochinok consisting of a large number of small buildings and compounds. The amount of loot you can find here is rather less. Each building is a separate spawning spot. Probably your entire squad can loot here. But don’t expect to find a high-level loot here because the whole area is fairly low. The relatively smaller distance between buildings guarantees quick looting. Pochinok is a highly contested place, if you choose this as your place of arrival you have to prepare for fighting right away. If any other squad lands here, there are high chances of dying because of no good loot.

3. Mars Electric

IMG 20210421 WA0045 - FirstSportz

This place is on the edge of the map, Mars Electric’s high quality made it dangerous and worst for rank pushers. Here one can easily find top-tier loots like sniper guns – many of them, indeed because the place is huge. However, it may take you a while to sweep out the area, as the gears are surrounded by this place. It is quite easy to rotate from the site because different vehicles are spawning around. This is one of the waste landing spots if players tend to rank push.

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