“It’s Karma” Journalist predicts the fate of Djokovic in 2016, Djokovic asks, “why don’t I get suspended”

In 2016 Neil McLerman had warned Novak Djokovic that his actions could harm anyone on court. Yet the Serb paid no attention to his words, rather mocked him.

Novak Djokovic

The Serbian has been in the news, for the dramatic exit at US Open 2020. Amongst several trolls, there is a video that has resurfaced from 2016.

The video is from a post-match press conference. The journalist asked him about his on-court temperament and Novak Djokovic was unpleased to hear the question. The video if from ATP Finals sponsored by Barclays at the time.

“Why don’t I get suspended then?” Novak to journalist

Novak Djokovic

In 2016, Novak won the Australian Open and then the French Open. No wonder he was so confident. The reporter asked, “When you threw the racket, does it concern you that, one day that could cost you dearly?”

Novak Djokovic smiled and responded, “You guys are unbelievable.. you are always picking these kind of things.”

“You keep doing these things” the reporter responded, which made Novak a bit frustrated.

“I keep doing these things, why don’t I get suspended then?.. if I am close?” Novak said.

“So I am the only player who shows frustration on court?” he further added.

The reporter did warn him, “You are close.. it could have been big” but Novak just threw away all these claims.

Scott Wilson from Givemesports said “Arrogance is the first word that comes to mind when watching Djokovic’s press conference. He gives no regard to McLeman’s words and clearly didn’t pay attention to his warning. Four years on and the 33-year-old’s behaviour has now cost him.”

Here’s the clip of that Interview:

In the match conference, Novak had no idea that seven years later, at the top of his career, he will have a heavy blow. An undefeated streak to be broken in such a manner. Novak looked back onto his actions and posted his thoughts on social media.

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