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WATCH: Seriously Ridiculous! Wild Winds disrupt Antalya Challenger event, Twitter reacts

Watch what happens when strong winds intervene in a tennis match!

The latest dose of entertainment for tennis fans has come from Turkey, where strong winds led to mid-match antics. A strong gust of wind was seen taking the ball right out of the court, while the players stared at it in wonder. Heavy winds have been battering the Turkish region for days, with the wind speed in Antalya reaching upwards of 60 miles per hour.

The said match between Cem İlkel and Ivan Nedelko was eventually suspended, with officials deciding that the winds are affecting the match too much.

The Antalya Challenger is a professional tennis tournament played on clay courts. It is currently part of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Challenger Tour. It is held annually in Antalya, Turkey since 2021.

Jaume Munar, Carlos Taberner, Nuno Borges have emerged champions in the challenger I, II, III events. The currently viral video was from the Antalya Challenger IV event; a match played between Turkish Cem İlkel and Ivan Nedelko. The match came to a halt at 6-4 3-3.

During the match, it became nearly impossible for the two players to serve without their overhead toss drifting away. However, the wind blew the underhand serve out of hands, quite literally. The underhand ace was followed by a bizzare shot, which under normal circumstances would have landed in the stands, but drifted outside the court length to the left and turned into a winner.

The blustery winds are expected to settle down by the end of the week, making the tournament orgarnizers hopeful about a smooth end to the competition.

Twitterati in awe of the Antalyan winds

Tennis watcher and contributor Stefano Berlincioni shared a clip of the incredulous shots on Twitter, captioning it ‘Due to extreme wind in Antalya Challenger we had today two of the most incredible shots I’ve ever watched (and I’ve watched a lot of tennis): an underarm ace and a shot I cannot define for how lucky it was.”

A lot of interesting takes and reactions on the shots followed:

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