“We had the second-best car” Max Verstappen defends Red Bulls’ RB16

Max Verstappen is optimistic about the upcoming season with Red Bull

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Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen is surely one of greatest modern-day drivers in the Formula 1. But the Belgian-Dutch driver along with his team, Red Bull did not have an elite last season. Although they finished second, there was a daylight difference between them and leaders Mercedes. A whopping points difference of 254 points separated Red bull and Mercedes. 

Red Bull drivers drove RB16 last year, which had severe problems mainly in the aero department. Both Verstappen and Alex Albon struggled to get a grip on the car and its slippery rear through the course of the entire last season. Having managed to have 11 podium finishes, 2 wins and a tally of 214 points, Verstappen did the best he could with the car. However, he still believes the car wasn’t as bad as it was criticised to be. 

Max Verstappen on RB16 

He said, “I think that’s made bigger in the media. We had the second fastest car. I think there are a lot worse cars to drive out there.” 

“We had a few spins in pre-season and stuff, and when you drive on the limit, the car’s not easy to drive, you know what I mean? Maybe ours is a bit more difficult compared to Mercedes, but it’s probably nicer than Williams. 

So I think it’s a bit overdone what people said in the media. I never really felt like that.” 

Talking about the Red Bull’s previous season and defending its car, Verstappen said, ““I think again, better than [2019], just a bit more consistent. But, yeah, I’ve been quite a few races on my own… I just like to follow Mercedes! The car wasn’t bad but we were still lacking a bit to Mercedes. 

Being the diver he is, Verstappen would want to make it bigger than ever in the 2021 season. He concluded by saying, “Not frustrated just a bit powerless sometimes. But I still try to get the best result out of it, which I think we have done most of the time. So I guess that’s good.” 

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