Paul George and Roy Hibbert - Indiana Pacers

Paul George and Hibbert's wife had been having conversations on social media. A gossip column posted by BallerAlert published an anonymous email it had received regarding the situation

Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher - L.A Lakers

Barnes had recently divorced Basketball Wives L.A. star Gloria Govan when he learned that she had been seeing Fisher. This prompted him to drive nearly 100 miles from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles to fight Fisher in the backyard of Govan’s home in front of friends and family

Jim Jackson and Jason Kidd - Dallas Mavericks

Singer Toni Braxton arrived at a hotel the Mavericks were staying in while on the road to pick up Kidd for a date, but in the end left with Jackson

Shannon Brown and Pau Gasol - LA Lakers

When Brown decided to get intimate with Pau Gasol's partner - there is one thing we all learnt Sleeping with your teammate's wife is bad enough, but if you are going to do it, don't do it during the playoffs 

When you're married to someone as stunning as Eva Longoria, how could you possibly have a straying eye, let alone a sexting relationship with someone else? Such was the case of Tony Parker

Tony Parker and Brent Barry - San Antonio Spurs

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