6 Top Feuds of Seth Rollins in WWE 

1. John Cena Seth Rollins' feud with John Cena aided him in developing professionally and helped him create new standards when he became the first person to simultaneously hold the WWE and US Championships.

2. Roman Reigns  Former Shield comrades who constantly engaged in conflict now stand as arch rivals. They have both engaged in numerous fights for the world championship and have both served as champion once or twice during these feuds.

3. Cody Rhodes All fans enjoyed Cody and Seth's in-ring competitions, which featured some of the best recent contests. Cody won every match, but it appears that this feud will continue even when Cody returns.

4. Edge In 2021, Edge and Seth engaged in a string of memorable matches, and the history of their conflict was fascinating. Even though Seth lost the feud, it was still one of the highlights of his entire career since everyone adored it.

5. Brock Lesanr Brock Lesnar and their championship rematch presented Seth Rollins with the biggest challenge during his initial tenure as world champion. After that, they engaged in a too-good-to-be-true rivalry for the Universal Championship in 2019, during which Seth twice pinned Brock.

6. Triple H Triple H was Seth's tutor until the architect was betrayed, and the pairing looked too perfect to be true. Their WrestleMania match was excellent, and many people thought it was The Game's turn to pass the baton.