8 most boring gimmicks in WWE right now 

This is the saddest name in this list. Despite being one of the biggest names of our generation, Ronda Rousey seems to have passed her peak in WWE. Her recent SmackDown Women's Championship run was a pure disaster.

The Viking Raiders were relevant enough till 2020. However, since they picked up that ancient vikings persona adding Valhalla in the mix, nobody gives a damn about them.

Madcap Moss has been on WWE's main-roster for a while now. Even after having such a tremendous physical built, fans doesn't invest in him due to lack of an intriguing character. 

Xia Li arrived on SmackDown as a promising talent. However, lack of consistent booking and an undefined character led to Li's instant failure on the bigger stage.

The Maximum Male Models are a complete joke, according to many WWE fans. The act often struggles to be on television due to their ineffectiveness.

Hit Row has been the biggest letdown of Triple H's regime. The decision to bring them back wasn't good enough as they've failed to impress anyone with their raps or in-ring attributes.

Baron Corbin is undoubtedly a good heel. However, at times, he seems to completely be in his own zone and ignore what's going around him. Even his pairing with JBL has availed nothing.

Omos has a massive size advantage, but nothing else than that. He's still green in that ring and can't control the audience with his mic skills.