8 WWE Figures who sadly passed away in 2022

8. Dave Hebner Dave Hebner was one of the biggest referees in WWE. He was the real-life brother of another referee named Earl Hebnar, and both of them made their names famous in the wrestling business.

7. Tim White Tim White is another WWE Referee who has worked on many memorable matches. He tragically died in June of 2022.

6. Gene Lebell Gene Lebell died in November of 2022. He was a superb wrestler, boxer, and entertainer, and he even couched Ronda Rousey in Judo.

5. Mikey Henson Mikey Henson is another WWE Referee icon who had one of the finest backstage images, but he too died this year.

4. Candice Divine Candice Divine is a well-known wrestler who is most remembered for her run in 1980, during which she won the women's title four times in a row.

3. Sara Lee Sara Lee was a tough enough winner in the WWE who unfortunately died at the age of 30.

2. Antonio Inoki Antonio Inoki was a Japanese wrestling legend who accomplished many things over the world. Unfortunately, he died in 2022.

1. Scott Hall Scott Hall is a wrestling icon who was a major role in WWE because he was able to bring his personas to life. He unfortunately died in 2022.