Top 8 upcoming PC games to look forward to in 2023

Top 8 upcoming PC games to look forward to in 2023

By Anushka Mohanta

8) DEAD ISLAND 2- After completing its development stage for more than 5 years, the game is nearing its completion and almost ready for a release in 2023. This RPG will be available February next year on PC as well as PlayStation.

7) STREET FIGHTER 6- Capcom is bringing the sixth iteration for the iconic franchise Street Fighter. With more developed mechanics, players should be able to relive the game with a new experience once it releases next year.

6) DIABLO IV- Blizzard Entertainment is bringing Diablo IV making it an open world game as well as bringing a PvP system for the players for the frist time. This makes it a highly anticipateed release for PC in 2023.

5) RESIDNET EVIL IV- The remake for the original series launched during 2005, Resident Evil IV will be available for PC as well as Consoles with 4K graphics, that will certainly shake things up in the gaming industry. This time around, players will be fighting infected villagers rather than zombies.

4) STAR WARS: JEDI SURVIVOR- Fans of Star Wars, this one's for you. The game is getting another sequel under the title of Jedi Survivor. The game takes 5 years following its predecessor game and of course, things are going to be tougher than the previous one. 

3) the last of us part 1- although its initial release was scheduled at september this year, naughty dog decided to make it a 2023 release for pc users as well as play station 5 players. 

2) HOGWARTS LEGACY- Players are having a lot of expectations from this one as harry potter fans will be able to relive the magical world of hogwarts by learning how to cast spells, fight magical beasts and more. the game is set to release on february next year.

1) ONE PIECE ODYSSEY- The iconic anime series will be getting a video game and as the name suggests, players will be taken into an adventure once they enter the world of One Piece. They will be able to explore the world as the legendary character, Luffy.