Cristiano Ronaldo: Top 5 fights in football

Ronaldo vs Florenzi- During his time at Juventus, CR7 got into a brawl with AS Roma fullback Florenzi after he mocked the Italian and called him short. The duo had to be separated by their teammates after an intense exchange of argument

Ronaldo vs Cafu- A young Ronaldo fell short of emotions after his side suffered a Champions League defeat against AC Milan. CR7 lost his temper and got involved in an argument with the legendary defender Cafu. They were then separated by the referee.

Ronaldo vs Athletic Bilbao (2014)- Real Madrid faced Athletic Bilbao at home in 2014, as the Portuguese star was sent off for descent against the referee. He was fuming over the ignorant decisions taken by the referee that cost Real Madrid two points.

Ronaldo vs Serbia- Another example of how frustrating things can be for footballers. Cristiano Ronaldo was denied a clear last-minute goal in the World Cup Qualifiers match against Serbia which led to a delay in the qualification for Portugal. Ronaldo was given a red card for reacting in an atrocious manner. He also threw the captain’s armband on the pitch as he stormed off the pitch.

Ronaldo vs Tyrone Mings- Following a disappointing performance by the Manchester United side at Villa Park, Cristiano Ronaldo found himself in a wrestling battle as both he and Tyrone Mings pushed each other in the penalty box.