Explained: The Mason Greenwood scandal and aftermath

Mason Greenwood is an English professional footballer who plays for the Premier League club Manchester United. One of the most promising attackers in football, Mason Greenwood stole the spotlight for something truly disgusting.

Greenwood has been charged with attempted rape, actual bodily harm, engaging in controlling behavior, and physical and mental assault on her former girlfriend.

The forward's former girlfriend posted evidence on her social media in the form of audio and videos in which Greenwood is clearly heard abusing and assaulting her former partner.

Mason Greenwood was arrested by the Manchester Police in January 2022. He is set to face trial and appear in front of the court. The Englishman is suspended from playing for Manchester United and has been in custody for a long time.

After getting bailed out in February, Greenwood was arrested again this Saturday as he tried to meet the alleged victim again.

Greenwood will appear at the Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court on Monday, 17 October 2022. His services with the Red Devils have been upheld until further judicial notice.

We can surely call him a "wasted talent" as the Englishman threw away his whole career over  one horrific incident.