What did Cristiano Ronaldo say about Glazers and Gary Neville?

In his controversial interview with the British Broadcaster Piers Morgan, Cristiano Ronaldo took shots at many people including the club owners and his former teammates Gary Neville, as well as Wayne Rooney. 

“The Glazers, they don’t care about the club” Cristiano Ronaldo to Piers Morgan 

“Manchester (United) is a marketing club (for Glazers). The sport, they don’t really care about, in my opinion.” Cristiano Ronaldo on the Manchester United owner

“They (Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville) are not my friends. It’s easy to criticize. I don’t know if they must criticize to be more famous.” Cristiano to Piers Morgan about his former teammates

People can have their own opinion, but they don’t know what’s going on inside the training ground, Carrington, and (or) even my life.” Ronaldo on Gary Neville 

‘It’s odd when you see people who were in the dressing room with you criticize you that way, It’s not good.” Ronaldo to Piers Morgan about Gary Neville.