Hollywood Comedian Adam Schulz Points-Out 'Political Vendetta' amid Brittney Griner & Merchant of Death Swap

Brittney Griner was released last Thursday after continuous negotiations for over nine months between the U.S. and Russia. At the cost of Viktor 'Merchant of Death' Bout

Not only did America give out an arms dealer which is responsible for Tens and Thousands of Deaths but also left behind ex-Marine, Paul Whelan in Mordovian penal colony

Hollywood Comedian Adam Schulz called out US administration for channelizing their political vendetta in only securing Brittney Griner's release as she is a high-profile athlete

Schulz and comedian Aakash Singh are the co-hosts of the FLAGRANT podcast. During the latest episode of the podcast, Schulz and Aakash talked about the release of Brittney Griner

Adam said, "But I think the issue with me as it seems like they made the trade for only Brittney for political points. It seems like it’s a little bit of like a virtue signal, if you will.” On which, Singh chimed in, “Trying to get favor with voters.”

The controversial American comedian concluded, "I don’t like the idea that we are gonna trade this ‘Merchant of death’, a guy who is responsible for probably tens and thousands of deaths and like destabilization around the world which we are also responsible for. I’m not saying we are innocent. But it doesn’t exactly feel like a fair trade.