Why did Kendrick Perkins publicly apologize for his 'joke' to Serge Ibaka

On the latest episode of ESPN's First Take, Kendrick perkins fired shorts at bucks star serge ibaka surrounding his age

 While appreciating a young okc team where durant, harden and westbrook were all young and being appreciated, alleged that Ibaka was “probably 30 at the time” because “certain individuals lie” about their age

Ibaka came out to respond to these comments saying that he would have no problem with Perkins for criticizing his game or on-court performance, but that these comments in particular were highly disrespectful and untrue

The Bucks star said that he works very hard to maintain his status in the league and was disappointed but not surprised that Perkins said what he did. Ibaka then accused Perkins of “breaking the locker room code” and “spreading lies” about both Durant and Westbrook

Perkins responded to Ibaka, telling him to stop being so sensitive and that he was joking. He also apologized but he then cryptically indicated of exposing his locker room behavior

This wasn't the first time ibaka has been alleged with telling lies about his age. even in his free agency in 2017, the same has had happened. Perhaps just why serge got emotional

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