Top 6 Black NASCAR drivers of all time 

Justin p joy

The segregation and racist past of the sport made it impossible for the Black racers to make a name. But few were able to break those barriers. 

Elias Bowie: First African-American to start a top-level NASCAR race.  ( Started 1 NASCAR race in July 31, 1955)

Charlie Scott, Ran one cup race in 1956

Willy T. Ribbs, The first African-American man to have tested a Formula One car and to compete in the Indianapolis 500 (Started 4 cup races, 23 Truck races)

Bill Lester:  Started 2-cup races, 1 Xfinity race, and 143 Truck races.

Bubba Wallace: 2 cup race wins and 6 Truck series race wins.

Wendell Scott: 495 cup races run and is the first African American to win a NASCAR race before Bubba Wallace.

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