Best Halloween costumes from NFL in 2022

It's Morphin time! Not only did Donovan Peoples-Jones dress like a superhero, but he played like one, too, in the Browns' victory over the Cincinnati Bengals by 32-13.

DPJ as Black Power Ranger

Yeah, Baby! Washington Commanders QB Taylor Heinicke and TE Logan Thomas were Austin Powers and Fat Bastard at Thomas's Halloween Party. 

 Taylor Heinicke and Logan Thomas as Austin Powers Characters  

“I am Batman”. Is it even Halloween if someone hasn't dressed up as Batman? Eagles Jason Kelce made sure of that. 

Jason Kelce as Batman

Looks like the Barbie movie season is already started. Here’s Rob and Camille in the iconic doll costumes. 

Rob Gronkowski and Camille Kostek as Ken and Barbie 

While the Cowboys owner will most likely get fined for this by NFL, the man certainly deserves some applause for this ‘on-point’ costume. 

Jerry Jones as Blind Ref