Top 5 Highest Paid NFL Players in 2022 as per Forbes

The man who is in the top race for the MVP title for this season is also making waves in the top earnings list. Allen was the world’s highest-paid athlete 25 and under in Forbes’ 2022 ranking and may soon grab the top spot in the 30 and under list as well. With more than 9 brands under his umbrella, Allen’s off-field earnings stand around $4 mil. 

#5. JOSH ALLEN ($51 mil)

The Kansas City Chiefs’ QB has been able to nearly match his on and off-field earnings. He currently sits upon $29.5 mil & $22 mil on-field and off-field earnings respectively. Looks like those dozen brands' portfolio is not for showcasing.  

#4. PATRICK MAHOMES  ($51.5 mil) 

Even though Rodgers is not having the best time this season he can rest assured with the payment part. While AR lost Prevea Health as a sponsor in November due to his vaccine controversy, he still stands on $11 mil off-field earnings along with a $40.8 million bonus this year guaranteed from the Packers. 

#3. AARON RODGERS  ($53 mil) 

After Stafford led the Rams to the Super Bowl victory early this year there was hardly any doubt that anyone else will dominate in the on-field earnings for 2022. The 34-year-old QB has also been rewarded with a four-year $160 hefty million contract extension that included a $60 million signing bonus. His off-field earnings stand at $4 mil. 

#2. MATTHEW STAFFORD  ($65.5 mil)

Brady might have had on-field dominance for decades now, but it is just in recent times that his off-field fortune has picked up. For many years, Brady was known for declining most sponsorship offers, and as recently as 2019, Forbes estimated he was making around $12 million annually off the field. 

#1. TOM BRADY ($75 mil)