Top 5 Most Followed NFL Players on Instagram

The polarizing former MVP is well known for his antics both on and off the game. He is an active user of YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Viewers may get a glimpse inside Newton's life through his vlogs on his YouTube account, which has around 400,000 subscribers 

5. Cam Newton - 4.7 M 

The second youngest Super Bowl winner is soon catching up on the Social Media ladder as well. The Chiefs star quarterback just recently cross the coveted 5 million followers and most likely cross another mil by this Super Bowl run. 

4. Patrick Mahomes - 5 M

One of the funniest NFL Instagram profiles belongs to Russell. Wilson uses one of Instagram's most well-liked features to go live and engage with his followers. He recently has multiple postings and about 5.6 million followers on Instagram. 

3. Russell Wilson - 5.5 M

With around 12.9 million Instagram followers who rarely engage, Tom Brady is the second-most followed NFL player online. Brady uses a company called Shadow Lion to post content to his social media accounts; presumably, because he serves as Shadow Lion's managing director. 

2. Tom Brady - 12.9 M

Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the most well-known and popular NFL players, with roughly 16.7 million followers and a typical interaction rate. He consistently updates on social media and is active, which is probably why he has the most followers among NFL players. 

1. Odell Beckham Jr. - 16.7 M