5 times Derrick Lewis was the funniest fighter in the room

by - soumya ranjan

Derrick Lewis has been able to steal the show both inside and outside of the Octagon throughout his career. He has been able to create a special place in the hearts of MMA fans due to his sense of humor and is responsible for creating some of the funniest moments in the promotion's history.

"Gonna Go Home & Throw My Wife’s Legs Up In The Air”- after his emphatic victory over Alexander Volkov. Lewis was asked about his post-fight celebration plans during the post-event press conference. He responded, "Probably just gonna go home and throw my wife’s legs up in the air and see where it goes from there.” The audience at the conference found it difficult to remain composed in the wake of the comment.

Derrick Lewis is the kind of person that doesn't like traveling too much. So after one of his fights In Canada when asked of any place he would like to visit he hilariously replied, "Thank y’all, man. Appreciate Canada. Thank Y’all. Y’all can have the snow. Y’know, I’m going back home to Texas.”

Press conferences usually have a translator to explain to non- English speakers. During once such interview with Derrick Lewis when the interviewer turned towards the translator to speak for Derrick . In response Derrick made one of the funniest comments saying, "No habla English."

UFC 229 fight is infamous for the Aftermath of Khabib vs McGregor but it also has one of the funniest moments created by Derrick Lewis. After defeating his opponent Derrick opened his pants and was roaming in his underwear. When he was approached by Joe Rogan to be interviewed he said, "My balls are getting hot" which is one of the most hilarious moments in UFC.