Dana White net worth: How he built UFC?

by- suryansh thakur

Back in 2001, UFC was a sinking ship doomed to fail but Dana White has managed to turn it into a global powerhouse in the combat industry.

When Dana White and the Fertitta brother purchased the UFC it was worth only $2 million dollar. They received nothing more than the UFC trademark and an octagon.

Dana White was put in charge of the company and first of all he helped establish a set of rules that could be used by state regulatory organizations to sanction the sport. In 2001, White backed the creation of the Unified Rules of MMA.

Dana White developed the promotion's marketing over time and attracted business support. In the meantime, Lorenzo Fertitta expanded the UFC's reach by acquiring foreign rivals and establishing television alliances in France, Germany, China, and Mexico.

They way they function is quite amazing, UFC is putting up events almost every Sunday all throughout the year, and their pay structure, even though highly criticized, is making sure they keep on operating in such a competitive space.

Today the UFC become one of the most watched promotions on the planet and has a net worth of over $ 9-10 billions. Meanwhile Dana white has also turned his fortune alongside UFC. His net worth is estimated to be around $500 million.