Georges St-Pierre is regarded as the greatest welterweight in the UFC history. Georges St-Pierre has largely used his wrestling skills to crush his opponents. St-Pierre has made 68 successful takedowns in his career, and despite being criticized for his boring fighting style, he has dominated fighters like Thiago Alves, Matt Hughes, and B.J Penn with his wrestling style.

Former welterweight champion is also a former wrestler. He was a three-time Division II All-American, the 2010 NCAA Division II National Champion, and an NAIA National Qualifier. Usman also holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His accomplishments speak much about his skill as a grappler inside the octagon.

Jon Jones is perhaps the greatest fighter UFC has ever seen. Jones employs unconventional and innovative Greco-Roman wrestling to deliver blows to his opponents. Jones' prowess as a grappler is evident from his unbeaten record in various grappling competitions like submission underground 2 and NAGA Phoenix.

Before entering the Octagon, Cormier had been in the US World or Olympic Teams, won a bronze medal at the World Championships, finished second in the World Cup, won a gold medal at the Pan American Games, and won two Pan American titles. All of his achievements in wrestling prove his credibility. 

The Former Lightweight champion is one of the best grapplers to grace the Octagon. Khabib incorporated combat sambo skills into traditional wrestling, and became one of the best to ever do it. Khabib was leagues apart from everyone else in terms of grappling, and he set the record for most takedowns in a single fight against Abel Trujillo (21)