What are Emeralds in Minecraft: Locations, uses and more!

Emeralds in Minecraft
What are Emeralds in Minecraft?

Minecraft has a ton of valuable items that the players can obtain in the game and Emeralds are one of the them. We discuss all you need to know about Emeralds in Minecraft!

Minecraft has many crafting materials that are found very easily by the players, but many can only be found by luck or by searching really hard for it. Diamonds are a good example of this as they occur deep underground and are very scattered. However, there is a ore that is even rarer than a diamond.

This is the Emeralds in Minecraft and we look at its location, spawn, features and more.

Emeralds in Minecraft

Emeralds in Minecraft
Emeralds in Minecraft

Emeralds are very valuable materials that are found deep underground and are even rarer than diamonds.

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Emeralds are green minerals that occur in small batches of one or two blocks and are very rare. Players can mine Emerald Ores with a Iron Pickaxe or better to get a Emerald. Players may also get Emeralds from looting chests and trading from villagers in Minecraft.

Moreover, Vindicators and Evokers in raids and Woodland Mansion may drop 0-1 Emeralds.


Emeralds in Minecraft

Players can only make blocks of Emerald using Emerald blocks. However, players need the blocks to trade with villagers.

Players can also use the Block of Emerald as a substitute in the Beacon.

Where to find Emerald in Minecraft?

Emeralds in Minecraft
Emeralds in Minecraft

Players need to dig deep and dig a lot just to find one single emerald. This method is not efficient and players can Emeralds in various other ways.

YouTube: Eccentric Emerald

Buried Treasures, Desert Temples, End City Chests, Jungle Temple Chests, Igloos, Shipwreck and Underwater ruins may contain Emeralds. Players can also trade some times to the Villagers to obtain Emeralds.

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