How to get Phantom Membrane in Minecraft?

The Phantom Membrane in Minecraft is a repairing item and also used in brewing potions!

Phantom Membrane in Minecraft
Phantom Membrane in Minecraft (image via.

Minecraft has various items, armor and weapons that the players can build and even repair them if they are breaking. Here is one such repairing material called the Phantom Membrane in Minecraft.

Armor, Weapons and Tools in Minecraft are the most important parts in the game for the players to obtain. These will help the players in defending and attacking as well as tinkering with the minerals, wood and other materials with the tools. Therefore, these are very important but sometimes while using them they lose their durability. Players can then either throw that weapon away and let it break or repair it.

Here is all about the Phantom Membrane in Minecraft that is a repairing material that the players can find from mob drops.

Phantom Membrane in Minecraft

Phantom Membrane in Minecraft
Phantom Membrane in Minecraft (Image via.

Th Phantom Membrane in Minecraft are leather-like skins that can drop from Phantom mobs which can be used in repairing one very important item in the game.

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Membranes are like leather patches that can be used to patch up or repair Elytras and increase their durability.

How to find Phantom Membrane?

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There are two ways currently that can be used to obtain Phantom Membranes in Minecraft:

The first and easiest one is through killing Phantoms. Phantoms are flying bat-like mobs that will only appear in the Overworld when the players have not slept in a while. These will appear in groups of 2 and will only spawn at night. Players can kill them while they are swopping towards them in order to damage them. They will drop 0-1 Phantom Membranes, which can be increased to 4 with the Looting Enchantment.

The other less common way of getting Phantom Membranes is from cat gifts. Tamed cats will give the players some morning gifts when they wake up from sleep. These drops are random and the cats have a 3.22% chance of getting a Phantom membrane.

Uses for Phantom Membranes

Phantom Membrane in Minecraft
Elytra Repairing in Anvil

The main purpose of Phantom Membranes is to repair Elytras which are one of the best items in the game that can make the players fly! Using them makes them lose their durability, and it can repaired with Phantom Membranes and an Anvil.

Phantom Membrane in Minecraft
Potion Brewing in Brewing Stand

The second purpose of the item is to brew potions. An Awkward Potion and a Phantom Membrane can be combined in a Brewing Stand to make Slow Falling Potions.

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