What are the uses for Lightning Rod in Minecraft?

The Lightning rod in Minecraft is a block with a variety of uses and players can follow along this guide to know it all!

Lightning Rod in Minecraft
What are the uses for Lightning Rod in Minecraft?

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update has introduced many new blocks and items to the game. These are all the uses for Lightning rods in Minecraft.

The Caves and Cliffs update is one of the biggest update that the game has received in recent years. This comes right after the Nether update, and it aims to revamp the mountain and cave biomes in the game. The Copper block has been added to the game and players can find them while mining underground. One of the few items that can be made using the Copper ore is the Lightning Rod in Minecraft.

Lightning Rod in Minecraft

Lightning Rod in Minecraft
Lightning Rod in Minecraft

The Lightning Rod is a block that can be made with Copper and is primarily used for absorbing Lightning strikes.

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Players can craft them using 3 blocks of Copper Ingot and is very easy to make. Players can set it up using it over some solid block by right-clicking it.

What do Lightning Rods do in Minecraft?

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  1. Like discussed earlier, Lightning rods can be set up over solid blocks to absorb lightning strikes. They redirect lightning within a radius of 128 blocks. This means, any lightning that strikes within that range will be channelled to the rod.
  2. Lightning Strikes are known to wreck havoc and do massive damage, which is also known to light flammable blocks and structures on fire. This can be detrimental to some builds but the lightning rod is here to save the day. If lightning strikes a Lightning rod paced atop a flammable block, it does not catch fire.
  3. Players can also observe that lightning summoned from the Channeling Trident will also be absorbed by the Lightning Rod.
  4. It also emits a redstone signal when struck by lightning, and this can be used to make automated mechanisms.

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