What is Daddy Calling Free Fire ID: All you need to know about his Stats, YT earnings and more for October 2021

What is Daddy Calling Free Fire ID: All you need to know about his Stats, YT earnings and more for October 2021

Daddy Calling is a prominent Free Fire content creator, well-known for his in-game level. This articl will share Daddy Calling Free Fire ID, stats, K/Ratio, YouTube rank, income, and more for October 2021.


Free Fire has seen an evergrowing popularity which has been skyrocketing over the past two years. It also rewarded with the title of Most Watched Mobile game of the 2021’s third quarter. Daddy Calling is one of many YouTubers in the Indian Free Fire scene who have accumulated huge fan bases. This is primarily because the game is extremely popular around the world. He is known to be the player with the highest level in Free Fire and people admire his gameplay.

Here is an article that shares Daddy Calling Free Fire ID along with other in-game stats, and YouTube earnings for this month in 2021.

Daddy Calling Free Fire ID

daddy calling free fire uid
daddy calling level

Daddy Calling Free Fire ID is ‘194095234‘. Daddy Calling in-game alias is ĐᴀDĐʏCᴀʟʟIɴ₲. He belongs to Maharastra.


His tier in Free Fire is among the greatest on the India server, and he is presently at 92 level. Bit his account has been disabled due to some unknown reasons and he is currently playing in the above mentioned-id account.

Daddy Calling stats

Daddy Calling Free Fire UID
lifetime stats

Lifetime Squad Stats

Win rate22.83%
Headshot Rate18.61%

Lifetime duo Stats

Win rate15.46%
Headshot rate22.73%

Lifetime Solo Stats

Win rate7.23%
Headshot rate23.86%

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CS Career

Free Fire Daddy Calling
CS Career
Win rate62.22%
Headshot rate26.36%

Ranked Stats

daddy calling free fire
ranked stats
Win rate59.11%
Headshot rate20.94%

The creator has not played any games in the Duo and solo mode of the new ranked season 24.


Note: The Daddy Calling’s Free Fire stats and earnings are to the date of the article written.

Daddy Calling YouTube Channel

Daddy Calling has started his YouTube journey in the first week of April this year while his oldest video dates back to April 25, 2021. His FF level is shown in the 1st youtube clip of the game, and he has reached level 90 by that moment. Maharastra’s content creator has now posted 127 videos so far on the YouTube channel titled after his in-game alias. Presently, the channel has almost 1.09 subscribers, and his videos had also received over 59 million total views. Visit his YouTube channel by clicking here.

Earnings and Rank

daddy calling free fire id
image via Social Blade

According to Social Blade, Daddy Calling’s estimated monthly earnings from YouTube are between $4.1K and $65.7K. Meanwhile, her yearly earnings are between $49.3K and $788.3K. The creator has collected over 16.42 million views and over 143K subscribers in the past 30 days. His channel ranks at 26,332nd rank when it comes to Subscriber numbers in the world.

Daddy Calling’s social media profiles

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