What’s your favourite sports stars doing this quarantine?


    The whole sports world has come to a standstill after The Novel Coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ pandemic has struck the planet with its utmost intensity. People all over the world are either under a lockdown or at a hospital in order to fight for his/her survival.

    During this time, our favorite sports personalities, undistinguished from whatsoever sport they play are also following the same lockdown policies as we are. But do you know how are they spending their time anyway?

    Here’s how!

    Barcelona’s star footballer Lionel Messi is one of those many athletes who are staying at home during this Covid-19 crisis.

    The star striker is currently staying with his family, recently he shared a Instagram post of himself being at home with two of his children, he was seen stressing the importance of remaining indoors and enjoying the time with one’s family as health shall be the first most priority.


    England’s World Cup Winning Captain, Eoin Morgan would surely have been a mainstay in batting for KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) if this crisis would not have happened. As the Indian Premier League was previously scheduled to begin from March 29, however, it was then postponed until April 15. Still, If not IPL, Morgan has a task in hand already.

    “It’s a very strange time for everybody at the moment. For us (him and his wife Tara Morgan), we have a new-born baby at home. He’s just three weeks old so we’ve been very lucky that we’re getting the best out of this bad situation. I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with him. Everybody’s goal is to hopefully not contract the virus and then come out of the other side healthy, along with the rest of the family,” the official website of KKR quoted Morgan as saying.

    Indian left hand Batsman, Suresh Raina said that this quarantine will be the beginning of all things i.e wonder, hope, possibilities and a better world! Congratulating his son Rio Raina,’s birth, he said, “We are proud to welcome our son & Gracia’s little brother – Rio Raina. May he flows beyond boundaries, bringing peace, renewal & prosperity to everyone’s life.”

    Christiano Ronaldo


    Ronaldo is also currently staying at his house at Madrid. He is there with his family of four children with wife Georgina Rodriguez, recently in a tweet, Ronaldo said, “In this difficult moment for the whole world, let’s be thankful for the things that matter – our health, our family, our loved ones. Stay home and let’s help all the health workers out there fighting to save lives.”

    India’s ace pace, Mohammad Shami on Sunday said that he has been utilising the self-isolation time by spending it with his brothers daughter.

    Shami shared a picture on Twitter and captioned it as: “Meet Aamirah – my brother’s daughter, using this time to spend time with my loved ones, Stay Home, Stay Safe”.

    Many other athletes and sports persons are also staying at home and spending quality time with their loved ones, so that their fans too understand the need of the hour and practice social distancing.



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