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When do OTW upgrade in FIFA 22: All possible ways discussed!

The OTW upgrade in FIFA 22 can be obtained through a variety of means and here are all of them!

OTW upgrade in FIFA 22 (image via. EA)

FIFA 22 has introduced many new features to the football gaming franchise and one of them are the OTW cards. We take a look at when do OTW upgrade in FIFA 22 with all the possible ways discussed down below!

OTW cards or better known as Ones to Watch cards are a special addition to this season of FIFA Ultimate Team and is already very popular. They are special and can receive boosts to their stats throughout the whole season if certain conditions are fulfilled. These can be obtained from some player card packs, SBCs and also through pre-ordering the Ultimate Team game. Collecting them is very profitable due to their market value rising with each boost they obtain in the season.

Here is when the OTW upgrade in FIFA 22 occurs with all the reasons listed!

OTW Upgrade in FIFA 22: Requirements to get a Boost!

OTW upgrade in FIFA 22 (Image via. dotesports.com)

These cards are very special and will receive upgrades when the player in the card performs well in real life matches. Apart from this, their leagues or teams can also do well in order to make them get boost.

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Here are all the ways to upgrade a OTW card in FIFA 22:

When player receives an in-form item in FIFA 22

YouTube: FifChief49

This OTW cards will receive a permanent stat boost whenever the player receives an in-form item in FIFA 22. If the player is featured as the Team of the Week (TOTW) or the man of the match, then they will get stat bonuses in particular attributes. Being featured in a TOTW is reflective of a great performance and the player likewise. receives buffs in their OTW cards.

If OTW player’s real life club performs well

However, the players can also get upgrades when their real life team does well in games. To get the buffs from the success of their teams, the teams need to win a certain number of matches!

These stat buffs are only available once for the cards and are not consistent. Players might get +1 upgrades if the team wins 4-5 matches in real life.

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