When is Minecraft update 1.18 coming out?

The Minecraft update 1,18 is scheduled to release soon during the holiday seasons and here are some of the changes coming.

Minecraft update 1.18
Minecraft update 1.18

The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Part I was a massive success among the Minecraft community. Its release marked a series of new updates that come next, including the Minecraft update 1.18 and The Wild Update!

The game has remained stagnant for a while but the developers have come back in full force to introduce new features and additions to the game. The Caves and Cliffs update introduced three new mobs into the game namely, the Axolotls, the Goat and the Glow Squids.

Moreover, in the Minecraft Live 2021 it was announced that next year will showcase a completely new update called the Wild Update, which features many new mobs, biome tweaks and the much expected Deep Dark.

Minecraft update 1.18: When is it coming?

Minecraft update 1.18
Minecraft update 1.18 (image via. minecraft.fandom)

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update Part II is also called the Minecraft update 1.18 and is supposed to release soon.

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Many of the features that were not released in the earlier update are all set to release in the Part II update. The Minecraft update 1.18 is all set to release sometime during the late Novembers or the early December, in 2021.

This release date is still not specified to the exact date and time, but the release is sure to come within this time-period.

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This update features many of the un-implemented features such as the Lush Caves Biome, the Dripstone Cave biome and also the introduction of increased world height. Along with the biomes, comes many flora such as Spore blooms and Drip leaves.

Minecraft update 1.18
Lush Caves biome (image via. rockpapershotgun.com)

However, the much anticipated Deep Dark biome has been further pushed out to the Wild Update next year. The Deep Dark will feature the Ancient Cities and also the Warden mob in the game. The Wild Update also aims at revamping the Overworld forests and swamps!

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