Where To Find Soccer Players In Fortnite Island?

To complete the Neymar Jr. quests Fortnite has introduced the newest soccer players in fortnite as NPC's. Here we will discuss where to find these soccer players in fortnite map.

Neymar Jr. In Fortnite
Fortnite Neymar Jr. Quets

Fortnite soccer players in fortnite are the newest NPCs to join the game. These NPCs are part of the Neymar Jr. challenges in the game. The Fortnite soccer players are spread out in different areas on the map.

Just like other NPC’s players can talk to these Fortnite soccer players to complete missions as well. Successfully completing these missions will reward the players with gold.

Where To Find Soccer Players In Fortnite Map?

Soccer Players In Fortnite Map
Soccer Players In Fortnite

For now, there are only three places where they can be found. The first Fortnite soccer player can be found at Holly Hedges, the second at Pleasant Park, and finally, the last one can be found at Dirty Docks.

All these locations are crowded with people for now, largely because these Fortnite soccer players have just made it into the game, and players want to get a shot at them early on.

As mentioned before, these Fortnite soccer players have multiple missions that they offer to players. Other than that, players can also challenge these Fortnite soccer players to duels. Players have a chance to earn a weapon of epic rarity if they successfully eliminate the players in combat.

Players will be able to unlock the Neymar skin if they successfully complete five such quests from these NPCs. There’s an additional style that players can unlock, but that can only be done by completing regular epic quests from the quest menu.

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