Where to find the Fortnite Grimble love portion in-game?

Where to find the Fortnite Grimble love portion in-game?

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games developed by Epic Games. With Valentine’s Day coming up, Epic games have added many new interesting challenges in Fortnite with respect to Valentine’s day. This week will have two sets of quests, one Epic and another Legendary. Players are required to collect the Grimble love portion to complete few challenges this week. In this article, we list out the spots to find the Fortnite Grimble love portion in-game and easily complete the challenges.

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Where to find the Fortnite Grimble love portion?

Fortnite now comes with many interesting challenges in which most of them are related to the upcoming Valentine’s Day. There are different quests in the challenges. This quests will help players gain XP and boosts their levels in Battle Pass. In order to complete challenges, players are required to collect Grimble Love Portion. Following are the locations where players can easily find them.

1. Fort Crumpet

Fort Crumpet is located on the top western part of the map. It is the most recommended spot to find portions. Players can find the love portion atop a table on the ground floor of the tower in the middle of the fort.

2. Coral Love

Coral Castle is located in the north-western section of the map, along the border of Coral Castle. Players must make sure that they land on the area surrounding Coral Castle, or else players will have to climb it out. Here, love portions are found behind the main shell building on top of the hill.


3. Stealthy Stronghold

Unlike the other two locations, it is a bit complicated to find the love portion in Stealthy Stronghold. Furthermore, the players will have to fight the vicious NPC boss, which makes it even tougher. However, the place is easy to locate on the map, it is located on the northernmost part of the map. Apart from this, the players can spot the portion inside the small turret on the western side. This was all about the Fornite Grimble love portion and where to find them on the Fortnite map.

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