Who is Ines Ibbou? The Player behind that “If you only knew” letter to Dominic Theim


Ines Ibbou, a young Algerian tennis player, is making into big headlines these days…WHY? She posted an emotional video that went viral as she spoke the truth about her life full of sacrifices.

In that video, she gave a reply to Tennis player, Dominic Thiem, who was not in favor of helping lower level players, and later read a letter to Thiem while making a video in which she tells about her past experiences, her sacrifices and what hardships she has faced to come and play at that level.

Previously, World No.3 Tennis Player Dominic Thiem has criticised lower rank players of being less professional. He also refused to contribute to the Player Relief Fund which was created by Novak Djokovic along with the ATP, WTA, ITF, and the boards of the four Grand Slams in order to financially help lower-level players during the global health crisis but Theim, refused to donate money for this program.

While explaining why he refused to help and donate money to the lower rank players? He revealed that he doesn’t see any reason to give money to such people. He would prefer to donate to people or institutions that really need it. “No tennis players are fighting for survival, not even the ones down below. Nobody has to starve” he said. To which Ibbou replied.

Who is Innes Ibbou?

Innes grew up in Algeria and faced many struggles and sacrifices to become the player she is today. In her letter, she also explained how she became a tennis player in a country where it is difficult for a woman to be an athlete. She didn’t have parents as a coach, and they can only rely on local facilities. There is no single ITF pro, ATP or WTA event, There is no international coach, There is not even a single indoor pitch and This didn’t stop her from building her way and even being one of the best players in the world at the age of 14.

She won her very first WTA points at a very young age. But she was not a part of Dominic Thiem magical world then, she probably would have attracted the attention of many sponsors and the federation would have taken care of her. But it didn’t happen that way. The sponsors he says? Adidas? Nike? Wilson? Prince? Head? But the thing is, They don’t even exist in Algeria.

Aside from some equipment and the support of small local companies, she received only the minimum to cover her participation in the Junior Slams. She also talked about her past life when she has faced a lot of struggles. Today she is 21 years old and ranks among the top 700 WTA players.

She asked Dominic what is likely to having a coach to assist you on a tour. A personal trainer? A physiotherapist? A mental trainer? A dedicated staff? She bore all the sacrifices silently without any complaining. And to whom will she complain? She has to make her own future.

She was lucky enough to have parents that sacrificed a lot for her and also she had people that cared for her when she was at lowest, she was very lucky on that side. And she really wishes and really hopes that this makes an impact in Algeria, and try to change things there.

Ibbou might finally get the support she deserves after many footballers and tennis players and their fans stand along with Algerian star player. Algerian President also stand with her. As the current Coronavirus pandemic halted many sports including tennis, so it’s time to show solidarity and help players to overcome the crisis.

Ibbou just said to Dominic that nobody asked you for help or anything. Except for a little respect for there sacrifice. So give respect to the lower rank players who bear their own expenses. Please don’t ruin it.

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