Who is YR Gamer? Here’s All you need to know about his free fire Videos

Who is YR Gamer? Here’s All you need to know about his free fire Videos

Free Fire has attracted a lot of users during the pandemic and also after the ban of PUBG Mobile. It is a battle Royale game that has got into the hype of Mobile esports. In Indian scenes of gaming, Free Fire has really become a very popular game. After the collaboration with Cristiano, Ronaldo Garena attracted a large fan base globally. We will discuss who is YR gamer and all you need to know about his Free Fire Videos.

Many players who play Free Fire and are huge fans of that game love to have diamonds in-game. Diamonds are the premium currency of Garena Free Fire where players use them to buy skins, characters, Bundles, and Elite passes. But these Diamonds are expensive and are not affordable to all players. So, there are some hacks and tricks to gain these diamonds for free.

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Who is YR Gamer and all you need to know about his Free Fire Videos

YR Gamer Free Fire
YR Gamer Free Fire

YR gamer is a Free Fire content creator on YouTube who has attracted a good number of subscribers in a very short period of time with just 26 videos. He has 132K Subscribers in total on his channel. As we all know many Free Fire content creators have been recognized in a very short period of time. As we all can see Total Gaming reached 3 Billion views and has 21.4 Million subscribers on its channel.

His real name is Yash Ram Sa he is also a Kabaddi player and a comedy content creator on YouTube.

YR Gamer is a unique content creator who helps users of Free Fire and players to gain Diamonds for free. He suggests some good hacks that can get to Diamonds and skins for free via his YouTube Videos.

He also does giveaways to players and comes up with new ideas and tricks. Yash Ram Sa is also known for his comedy that he makes in his videos.

Not only hacks also he gives players tips on how to play Free Fire for beginners like:

  • How to control recoil on mobile.
  • Controlling recoil on PC
  • headshot tricks and more

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