Why Garena Free Fire removed Famas-X Gun from the game temporarily?

Garena Free FIre recently launched its latest OB26 update. It also introduced new weapons like Famas-X, Mag-7and more. Take a look at the reason why the game developers removed Famas-X temporarily


Free Fire recently notified all players that the game developers have temporarily removed the Famas-X assault rifle gun from the Battle Royale mode. This announcement was made through the news section in-game. The exact reason behind the weapon’s removal is unclear. as of now. However, the weapon will be launched back into the game once developers have fixed the issue regarding it. In this article, we look at the reason why Garena Free Fire removed Famas-X Gun from the game temporarily.

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The reason why Garena Free Fire removed Famas-X


The latest OB26 update saw huge changes in the game. Free Fire added many new in-game features, weapons, new events, and more. One such addition is the new assault rifle gun Famas-X. Previously, the gun existed without any built attachments. However, with the latest update, the developers introduced a new weapon Famas-X alongside its standard version, Famas.

Both the weapons are completely different, Famas-X can fire multiple shots at the enemy, whereas the latter fires them one at a time. The developers claim a certain bug regarding the weapon to be the reason behind the removal of the weapon.

It may not be the best weapon to use but is always deadly at any stage of the game. It shoots up to three bullets at a time and has a rapid rate of fire. Apart from this, it has higher accuracy compared to other weapons which make it lethal.

The weapon is currently not available in any mode, but, surely, the game will re-introduce the weapon once the bug has been fixed. This was the article regarding the reason why Free Fire removed Famas-X temporarily.

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