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Why is the age verification system of PUBG New State not effective, Is it still safe for users below 18 years?

The age verification system of PUBG New State asks the players whether they are above 18 years old or not but is the system effective? Read the article to know more.

PUBG New State age verification system

PUBG New State arrived yesterday even before its scheduled release time. The game has been released in several languages for both Android and iOS users. Initially, players faced some difficulty while logging into the game as Krafton had delayed the official release. Even then, some players who opened the game reported that the officials are asking for an age verification just like BGMI, but is the system effective?

After announcing the release date of PUBG New State, Krafton gave us several details regarding its privacy policy for underage users. Krafton wishes to ensure that players under the age of 18+ do not spend their entire day battling with their virtual enemies, this prompted them to bring an age verification system so that underage players do not get addicted towards the game. If players have downloaded and logged in to the game, they might have been asked whether they are 18 years old or not.

Is the age verification system of PUBG New State effective?

PUBG New State

Players encountered several issues while playing the futuristic battle-royale game. Several players even reported of not being able to login to the game after downloading it smoothly. Fortunately, the officials after a series of maintenance breaks resolved the issue and even brought an optional update for the players. It seems that players can finally have access to the game without facing any troubles.

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Players can login to the game with the help of their Facebook ID or Google account, another option of playing with a guest account is also provided in the game. After logging in, players can set any nickname and choose the preferred appearance of their character. Following this comes the age verification system, a new dialogue box will appear titled ‘User Info Verification’. It will ask the users to verify whether they are 18 years old or above, if you meet the criteria, you can just tap on yes, but players who are underage can also tap on ‘YES’ as the officials does not ask for further verification.

User Info Verification

This makes the age verification system of the game ineffective as underage users can easily play the game as the it does not require any age proof. If users tap on ‘NO’, they’ll be asked to provide any number of their parents and enter the verification code. One can easily evade this by providing a number of their friend and entering the verification code from there.

Image Credits: PUBG New State official website

This makes the age verification futile as underage users can have smooth access to the game without taking consent from their parents. Battle-royale games primarily PUBG has been in the limelight for destroying the mental health of the children and becoming a hindrance towards their creative imagination. As a result, several countries including India has banned PUBG Mobile, although the primary reason of PUBG getting banned in our country is the security concerns.

Krafton has left no stone unturned to protect the data of the users and when it comes to safety, the game is completely safe until and unless users consider it as a game more than a real life battle and not getting involved into it too much. We recommend the underage players to restrict their play time as there is a life outside the ‘virtual battleground’.

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