Why some renowned WWE legends did not honor their presence on Legends night

The recent debacle of Kurt Angle ignoring the invite to WWE Legends Night has led to questioning the integrity of the organisation.

Raw Legends Night

WWE’s Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was advertised to be on last week’s WWE RAW Legends Night. But he never appeared on the episode. This sparked some questions in the minds of fans. They feel that the brand no longer values their legends along with their integrity.

The first 2021 episode of WWE Raw, was a Legend’s night. Multiple WWE legends appeared on the show during various segments. Some of the WWE legends like – Carlito and Kurt Angle were advertised to appear.

Carlito mentioned that he did not appear because he wouldn’t travel across the country for a two-minute appearance. But the reason for Kurt Angle’s absence was not known.

Reason for absence

Kurt Angle

During an interaction with his fans on Facebook , Angle revealed why he missed the show. The reason that he gave was- “I had a prior engagement I was committed to. I couldn’t get out of it,” he answered which seemed to be a diplomatic answer.

Angle was also questioned about the current operations in the company. He answered- “I am not qualified to answer that, ask it to company’s higher authority”, with a visible frowned face which showed his anger and disappointment.

 The reason of Kurt Angle being upset could be that he was released last year in April. This was due to the cutbacks brought on by the coronavirus pandemic by WWE. It would be interesting to see what the company provides the fans with on the occasion of the famous ‘Royal Rumble’.

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