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“Why’re you so irritating” Savannah James showed husband LeBron the middle finger on their anniversary

LeBron James gets flipped off by Savannah during their wedding anniversary

LeBron James is currently the biggest name in the NBA at the moment and his fame will continue to grow. He has inspired several players of today’s generation and the most iconic part is that he is not over with basketball. The legend is currently entering his 20th year with the NBA and the future is extremely bright for him.

Lebron James vs Scottie Barnes

Last season was not the ideal one for the King as he is usually the one dominating the post-season. He has had many playoffs appearances and has battled the biggest stars as well. Bron still managed to averaged 30.3 points per game with the Los Angeles Lakers which is a rare case for someone his age.

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LeBron James meets the love of his life

Savannah James and LeBron James

LeBron James was quite the attraction back in the day as well. He was one of the most successful high school basketball players who achieved All American status at a young age of 18. He also manage to averaged nearly 30 points per game during his senior year in school.

This was when he met his sweetheart Savannah. The King and her met when he was a 16-year old. He apparently knew her through a mutual friend and asked them for her number. By the time he begin his professional career with the NBA, she was carrying their oldest Bronny. Their relationship has been as strong as ever since then despite people trying their best to pull them apart.

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LeBron James gets flipped off on their anniversary

LeBron and Savannah James

LeBron James is a very family oriented man and also spends a lot of time with his sons and daughter during the off-season. Even after the having a tough season, Bron spent quality time with Bryce and Bronny playing basketball in their beautiful mansion. Similarly, he also spent quality time near the sea with Zhuri.

The four NBA Champion recently celebrated his wedding anniversary with Savannah. The two tied the knot on September 13, 2013 after he joined the Miami Heat and won his first championship. The two were recently spotted having a small party together and spending quality time on their anniversary.

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