Will Jan Blachowicz’s unusual pre-match ritual work against Israel Adesanya?

Jan Blachowicz defends his light heavyweight title against Israel Adesanya at UFC 259.

Jan Blachowicz (L) and Israel Adesanya (R)

Jan Blachowicz vs Israel Adesanya at UFC 259 is just a few weeks away. Israel Adesanya will be making his light heavyweight debut, after having conquered the middleweight division to the fullest. In his path stands Jan Blachowicz, the Super Pole, who won the light heavyweight title, the same day Adesanya beat Paul Costa (UFC 253). The Pole will be making his first title defense, come the 6th of March.

Jan Blachowicz, however, has an unusual pre-match ritual; wherein he touches a rope used by a man who hung himself, in a forest back in his hometown of Warsaw, before every fight. Blachowicz believes that it has been a lucky charm, and has had 90 percent success in the UFC, since he begun this weird pre-match ritual.

When you find a hanged man, you take his rope for luck

Speaking of the ritual in a documentary, Blachowicz said, “‘When you find a hanged man, you take his rope for luck. That’s what people believed in the old days.’ I checked the internet, and sure enough, that is exactly what people thought and believed in. If you don’t believe me, check for yourself.”

Blachowicz is coming off ‘that’ dominating victory over top ranked light heavyweight Dominick Reyes. He completely demolished Reyes with a flurry of punches in only the second round, thereby winning the title. Adesanya, on the other hand, had no trouble plying his trade in the middleweight division. But now, he will be moving to murky waters, as an uncharted territory awaits.

Will Blachowicz’s unusual ritual work against ‘The Last Stylebender’, as well?

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